Cheap Steam Games Key

Buy Steam Games Cd Key with Bitcoin

Cheap Steam Games Key

It’s not a long time that Steam started accepting bitcoin as a payment method to buy Games. Recently bitcoin hits new record high hourly and this huge price fluctuation seems to cause serious problems for a big company such as Steam!

Steam has announced that “As of today, Steam will no longer support Bitcoin as a payment method on our platform due to high fees and volatility in the value of Bitcoin” read more here.

This was not a good news for gamers who are Bitcoin fans too, but this was not a rumor, Bitcoin is not accepted more on Steam and gamers need to use pior ways to buy Games.

The good news is that bitcoin fans are not at the end of the line, and they still can buy games cd key with bitcoin, but How ?!

Many steam games are available on and you can buy them even at cheaper price than steam using Bitcoin and many other Altcoins, thanks to Coingate and shapeshift providing this solution for us.

Also getting up to 10% OFF discount on your orders to buy Cheap Steam Games Key is not impossible as you can use Gift Cards to top up your account wallet as you do it on steam store and is known as Steam Gift Card, also Don’t miss [HOT DEALs] which will be announced regularly.

Cheap Steam Games Key


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