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What should i do if i receive an used/invalid cd key ?

Because of buying huge amount of cd keys from our safe and legal suppliers, there is a small chance (0.01%) of receiving an used/invalid cd key like other cd key retailers that this risk exists too. After receiving your ticket we’ll reply you and ask you that what kind of info we need for investigating your case ( all days of the week ) and then we need the maximum of 3 working days _ ( Monday to Friday ) (maybe less) for contacting our supplier and providing you enough info for solving your problem.

Pls, Follow following steps:

Good news :

4% Cashback ( wallet credit at + A new Cd key

For problems caused from our side such as receiving used/invalid cd keys, We’ll update your wallet 4% of the bought item price + a new cd key (bought item).

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    Login to your account at

  • 2

    Send a ticket

    select “CD keys issue” in Department Field

  • 3


    we need the maximum of 3 working days (maybe less)

  • 4

    A small gift!

    If the problem was from our side, then we’ll update your wallet 4% of the bought item price +  sending you a new cd key.

Once the customer makes payment. the CD key will be sent to the account registered E-mail.

In case of delay ( if the delay is not annouced ) more than 1 hour after confirmed payments, customer account wallet credit will be topped up $1 as an apology and to prove our firm policy to send Cd Keys instantly. cares about customers rights.

Last Update: 1/25/2018

Cashback as "Wallet Credit" at