All cd keys will be bought from wholesale distributors and because of buying huge amounts of cd keys, prices are cheaper than steam and other stores. Please read more on following pages:

If there is no announced delay as a notice on website. Once the customer makes payment, the CD key will be sent to the account registered E-mail after being processed.  Processing time usually takes 10-15 minutes but it could take up to 30 minutes. Pls check your spam folder too.

But there is a possibility to be a delay, pls take this into consider, if your condition is urgent, pls send us a messag on live chat before completing your order.

In case of delays [ if it’s not announced on website, top/bottom website notification bar or a notice at checkout page ], more than 2 hour after confirmed and completed payments, we send a $1 discount code to the customer [ it will be expired after 7 days if you don’t use it ] as an apology.

There is a possibility when you order a product, you receive an email from us stating the bought product is “Out of Stock”, then there are 2 option available, updating your 1stpal.com account credit ( so you can buy other products ) or issuing refund for the order ( pls be noticed, in such cases we pay the fee for the refund transaction but it doesn’t cover the fee you paid at checkout, only the product price included )

You’ll receive the bought items in your Email which you’ve used at checkout page. [ Please check Spam folder too ]

For the full list pls take a look at checkout page.

You can use the button on bitcoin payment gateway page to open the transaction using your wallet, or you can fill the required info for sending the amount to the btc address provided at checkout page.

Pls take into consider not to overpaid any order as the transaction fee will be deducted from the totall amount you overpaid to us in any refund.

We think that you know the answer, the answer is clearly “No”, it’s not legal and we reserve the right to block all illegal actions. Also your order will be processed manually and will be investigated by our agents on one by one basis. You can read more here:

We sell Only digital version of cd keys.

Please read more on “Refund Policy” page,  click here .

You can contact us by sending a message on Live Chat platform or by sending a ticket .

Please do not send queries more than once as it will result in a delay to our response.

Last Update:  Jan.2022

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