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How to buy Steam Gift Card with Litecoin ?

Last update : May. 2024

All cd keys are bought from wholesale distributors and we have a clear refund policy if you face activation problems but it’s required to follow the procedure to the final stage.

[ NEW FEATURE for Pruchase Full Protection ]

Regular support is FREE, customers receive cd keys and activate them directly, so like many other stores, we’ll ask for some requested proofs in case of any activation issue. Unfortunately we face with customers that expect instant solutions without providing requested proofs. It’s clear we can’t help only for a claim while the customer refuse to send us proofs as requested.

1stpal.com VIP Support | Purchase Protection

Please read more on following pages:


The solution is here, Fast VIP support !

So, We’ve recently introduced our new support feature for a faster support procerdure in case of key activation issues ( It doesn’t include if you order a wrong version/region, etc such as cases the customer current windows version is Home, but the order is ” Pro ” version ) while you select this level of support, we don’t send the cd key to you, we’ll activate the cd key via Anydesk app on your device, so if there is a cd key activation issue, we’ll handle it. First we’ll check for steps mentioned on this page and if they are not successful too we’ll issue new replaced cd keys till the cd key is activated or we’ll issue a full refund, using this option you are full protected.

Windows Fast Activation Support - Buy Windows keys with Crypto Bitcoin Litecoin BTC LTC Tron USDT Tether - 1stpal.com

If there is no announced delay as a notice on website. Once the customer makes payment, the CD key will be sent to the account registered E-mail after being processed, Pls check your spam folder too.

Regular processing time : within next 15 min ( may expand up to 30 min )

Notice : If there is a ” Email Delivery Delay ” notice on checkout page, then it may expand up to ~ 12 hours. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this make.

So, there is a possibility to be a delay in delivery of orders emails, please take this into consider, if your condition is urgent, pls send us a messag on live chat before completing your order.

Also, there is a possibility when you order a product, you receive an email from us stating the bought product is “Out of Stock”, then there are 2 option available, updating your 1stpal.com account credit ( so you can buy other products ) or issuing refund for the order ( pls be noticed, in such cases we pay the fee for the refund transaction but it doesn’t cover the fee you paid at checkout, only the product price included )

If you see such a notice on checkut page:

⛔⚠️⛔ IMPORTANT NOTICE ⛔⚠️⛔ : Delay in delivery of orders, Read more on FAQ page.

then it means that you will receive your order with a delay from ~ 30 mins up to 12 hours, but if there is not such notice and you have not received your cd key(s) within ~30 mins after confirmed payment and also have not received any email from our side regarding the delay, then we’ll request you to send us a ticket or message on website support chat  for following cases : 

1- You have not received the cd key yet but your payment and also order status have been completed more than ~ 30 minutes

2- Your order is on ” Processing ” ( more than 30 minutes ) or ” On Hold ” status.

3- Your order is still on ” Pending Payment ” status or have been changed to ” Canceled ” status ( more than 5 minutes after confimed payment ) especially on ” nowpayments ” and ” Perfect Money ” payment gateways.

4- You face cd key activation problem. ( please check product info page especially the region first ! ) 

Please Send a ticket … Click here

The answer is clearly “No“, it’s not legal and we reserve the right to block all illegal actions. Also your order will be processed manually and will be investigated by our agents on one by one basis. You can read more here:

Creating multiple/different accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in ban !

Refund is issued within 10 days only in the currency and payment method which is possible to us, not the payment method the customer used at checkout. Also $2 fee ( at least as a penalty ) + Payment gateway fee + Payment Transaction fee will be deducted.  

So the best decision is not to do so !

You’ll receive an email notification once your order is completed [ Please check Spam/Junk folder too ] which you’ve used at checkout page and you can access cd key(s) via ” My account ” dashboard here . ( click on ” View ” button on ” Action ” column.

PLEAS DO NOT FORGET to save cd key(s) after first view somewhere safe on your device, as for security reasons, you may not view them directly from your account dashboard later.

If you have not received / can’t find the cd key / order email if the order is marked  as ” completed ” or other order status such as processing / On-Hold and etc more than 30 min, Please contact us by sending a ticket here or by sending a message on website support chat. 

For the full list of payment methods available to buy Gift cards and games keys, please take a look at checkout page.

Generally, we support webmoney, Payeer, Crypto, Perfect Money and Visa/Master card payments.

Please read more on “Refund Policy” page,  click here .

You can by Games Cd Keys including ARS Steam Gift Cards ( Also USD TRY Euro Steam Wallet Cards )

Gift Cards including : Razer Gold Gift Card , Valorant Gift Cards PSN Cards,  Amazon Gift Card, Walmart Gift Card, CVS pharmacy Gift Card

Softwares including Windows 10 PRO OEM product key and Windows 11 Professional Cd Keys and other version such as windows 8.1, Office 2019 Pro Plus Cd Key, Office 2016 Pro Plus product key, Eset Nod32 Antivirus key and more at 1stpal.com

You can Pay the order invoice for Games and Gift Cards easily using Bitcoin BTC LTC BCH Dogecoin Dash TRX Tron Polygon Avax Polkadot Shiba Solana Terra Luna Chainlink Neo Matic Cardano Vechain Monero Zcash Crypto Webmoney Payeer Perfect Money XRP BNB and other crypto currencies.

Not at all ! We sell Only digital version of cd key(s) [ as a Text or screenshot ].

You can contact us by sending a message on ” support Chat ” or by sending a ticket .

Please do not send queries more than once as it will result in a delay to our response.

Buy Windows 10 Pro OEM CdKeys ARS Steam Gift cards with Bitcoin BTC LTC BCH Dogecoin Dash TRX Tron Polygon Avax Polkadot Shiba Solana Terra Luna Chainlink Neo Matic Cardano Vechain Monero Zcash Crypto Webmoney Payeer Perfect Money XRP BNB Usdt | 1stpal.com

Your feedback matters to us ❤️

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Send your feedback* on our Trustpilot page, then you only need to send us a ticket or a message on support about your feedback to get :

5% Cashback + 5% OFF Coupon *


*1. Cashback based on your last order payment method will be issued to you within 24 hour after receiving your wallet address. [ if we don’t receive any wallet address within 3 days after our contact, this offer will not  be valid anymore. ]

*2. Coupon code will be sent within 24 hour and will be expired after 30 days.

*3. Only 4 / 5 Star ratings and positive comments are eligible.

*4. Cashback will be issued once per user. but you can still receive 5% OFF coupon if you send reviews for your next orders (2nd and etc ) on our Trustpilot page.

*5. To receive ” 5% Cashback + 5% OFF Coupon “ ,The customer should send us a ticket here ( and select “Trustpilot Review” for department field.

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