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microsoft windows 10 pro oem cd key global

The following terms are valid for all other versions of windows and office cd keys too.

As we care about your time and money and want our customers to have a clear outlook, According to our investigation done for cheap Windows cd keys, somehow here is the clearest description among websites selling cheap microsoft windows 10 pro oem cd key global.

Review Probable Win 10 Pro OEM Activation Issues

as you can check our past conversations with Microsoft Supports in different cases which in cases they confirmed both validity and being unused and in other cases confirmed validity but being used !

microsoft windows 10 pro oem cd key global

But as we tried checking keys for multiple time, they refused to check them as they said us it’s against their security measures.

So, It seems, there is a risk to face errors such as ” used ” or ” invalid ” or … for cheap windows keys.


For any issues/errors, at first you need to contact MS support here and ask them for checking validity and the date of activation of the bough cd key, then send us a ticket here including following proofs:

 [ The first proof ( full window screenshot ) is mandatory and required, but we highly recommend to send us other 2 proofs too ] 


1- Full desktop window screenshots ( cropped screenshots are not approvable and acceptable at all ) of the activation error ( we need to see the product key ( in windows activation section ) and taskbar showing the current date in the image you provide us ) 

2- Full desktop window screenshots ( not cropped ) of conversations between you and Microsoft support ” confirming the cd key is invalid/used or any other issues make the activation impossible ” and also ” date of activations “. [ Please Copy/paste the key in the conversation with Microsoft support, the cd key should be included and visible to us ]

3- ” case number ” or ” service request number “ of the conversation ( you can get it from Microsoft support, each conversation has a number )


Disclaimer :

Suppliers of windows cd keys ( not ) are fully responsible For issuing refund / replacing with a new cd key in case there is a problem with cd keys and they need proofs for such issues not only claims ! is a reseller and we are able to investigate the issue and contact suppliers if only:

[1] we receive all required and requested proofs from customers regarding cd keys activation issues and [2] customers cooperation to follow our support guides to the final stage ( not to leave the procedure after the first contact or in the middle of the procedure ), so far for all the issues that customers provided us complete proofs, suppliers have accepted reported issues and provided a refund or replaced them with a new cd key.

Claims are not approvable at all, anyone can claim ! , instant/fast refund is not possible at all, if you have other idea, please don’t buy cheap windows keys at 


All sales are final and there is no return/refund/exchange policy 

Terms and Conditions :

1- The customer is solely responsible to provide us proofs if they face any problem while activating cd keys exactly the same as mentioned earlier ( 3 proofs ) in this page. ( cropped screenshots, claims without any proof, not responding to our emails/tickets/messages to the final stage and etc are not approvable and acceptableat at all)

so, if a customer doesn’t provide us mentioned proofs completely, there is no responsibility for us and all sales are final and there is no return/refund/exchange policy,  

So, please be patient and follow the procedure and provide us required proofs then we are able to investigate the issue based on our refund policy to help you.


2- If a customer selects and order ” All sales are Final [ No support/refund/replace policy ] ” offer on product page.


Read the details in the list below about Offers available to order :

All sales are Final

[ No support/refund/replace policy ] ( High Risk – We don not recommend this offer at all )

in case of any issue we need you to follow our Refund Policy procedure ( click here to know more about the procedure ) to provide us mentioned required and requested proofs

Notice  :

The customer can’t decide to receive a new cd key or receiving a refund | will decide and provide one of the solution .

If you want to take the decision, you need to order VIP support offer.

For cases the customer send us all required and requested proofs ( 3 proofs – Full window screenshots not cropped [ read more here ] ) the customer can decide to receive a replaced cd key or receiving a refund.

in case the customer select the refund :

1- %50 of the order price will be refunded within 24 hours to the customer

2- The remained %50 amount, it will be refunded after receiving the final decision taken by our suppliers. ( you’ll need to wait up to 4 working days [ maybe less ] )

In case the customer select the replaced cd key:

A new cd key will be sent within 30 mins up to 3 hours.

( if there is a problem with the new cd key, the procedure is the same and should be followed by the customer to provide us all required and requested proofs for the new cd key )

Notice :

If the cd key is not activated on your device, it’s mandatory to contact and ask Microsoft support to send the full conversation to your email ( it’s good to take a full window screenshots from parts of conversation that you send the cd key to the support and parts the support confirms the problem ) then you need to send it to us a proof. 

Activation process using Skype with desktop screen share [ Full Refund / Replace within 1~3 hr in case of any actvation problem ]

The customer needs to write his/her skype account address at checkout page, then we will contact the customer for activation.

At this stage, the customer should share his/her full desktop window to us without any stop till after activation process being completed. The cd key will be sent online during the contact to the customer for activation.

Disclaimer : There is no refund if you order this offer but refuse to contact over skype. Your order will be changed to ” Vip support ” without any refund for the overpaid amount.

Disclaimer : if the customer don’t respond to our messages about skype contact ( or refuse to do ! ), after 72 hr, the order will be changed to ” VIP support ” offer automatically without any further notices and the cd key will be sent to the customer email used at checkout. No refund will be issued for the overpaid amount.

[ Cheap windows keys issues are common but for PC games/Xbox/PSN cd keys which are available at too, we had very limited number of issues so far, but the story for windows cd keys are different, and this is the reason we want to make it clear for our customers about what they are buying ]


Cheap but somehow Risky !

It’s up to you whether to decide trying these cheap windows keys or not ? are  you OK with waiting for our investigation through tickets after facing probable issues or not.

Be confident we as don’t use the cd key or sell it to multiple persons, they are all provided by suppliers. we are here to help you for probable issues but cd keys are not sth we can verify them 1 by 1 because they should be activated and we can’t try them, is it clear ? and our refund policy procedure depends on supplier decision to accept/ not accept it.

For any probable issue, we follow the procedures based on our ” refund policy ” and ” Terms of Use “. 


Refund Policy Procedure

How’s the Refund Policy Procedure ?

Pls take this into consider, investigation process approximately will take up to 4 working days ( monday to friday ) [ or less ] to be done as we need to wait for supplier decision to accept the dispute or not accept it.

If our supplier accept the issue, we’ll send you a new cd key + %4 Of the product price (  in account wallet credit ) as an apology from our side. If the supplier does not accept the reported issue by customer, unfortunately there is no refund.

[ it’s good to know that so far in cases the customer provided us enough info, the supplier accepted the dispute and replaced with a new cd key, but there is no guarantee in future because it depends on each order and supplier decision not our decision. ]

 so if you can’t wait for such cases, pls don’t buy this product.

According to our prior sales, we’ve never ever received any dispute after 2-4 days after the product sale, so reported issue by you ( customer ) will be investigated only if Windows cd key is bought within last 30 days (after your purchase date ).

in other words, there is no guarantee/refund policy after 30 days, so we don’t accept any issue/dispute later than 30 days after your purchase date . [ But you can send us a ticket even after 30 days too. ] Terms of Use | Windows OEM cd keys

Finally, by buying any Windows cd keys at, you are aware of any risk mentioned/ not mentioned at and acknowledge you accept our” refund policy ” and ” Terms of Use ” and risks involved.

Payment Methods

We currently support various payment methods such as  Neosurf, Onecard, Dotpay, Santander Rio Argentina, Banco do Brasil, Webmoney, QIWI, Banco Itaú and Bitcoin ( BTC ) and More at [ *Terms applied – some of the payment methods maybe being disabled  ]

Cheap Games Cd keys payment methods | Buy Games CdKeys Cheap with Bitcoin |

Buy Windows 10 Pro OEM CdKeys ARS Steam Gift cards with Bitcoin Crypto Webmoney Payeer Perfect Money
Buy Windows 10 Pro OEM CdKeys ARS Steam Gift cards with Bitcoin Crypto Webmoney Payeer Perfect Money

For the full payment methods list please take a look at checkout page. [ It varies from time to time ! ]


  • Any more questions about cheap microsoft windows 10 pro oem cd key global ? Pls don’t hesitate to contact us by sending a ticket here or by sending a message on live chat platform.

  • Read more about Windows 10 here.
  • Get help from Offecial Microsoft supports here.
  • Any question ? take a look at FAQ

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