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How to buy a game as a gift with Steam gifts new policy ?

Hey Gamers!

Steam has announced that “Gifting” options is not as easy as it was earlier! What does it mean exactly ?

According to Steam blog post, Gamers are not able to send gifts to recipients email address or transfer it to their inventory to send it as a gift later. so your question is that how it is possible to buy a game as a gift with this new policy?

Steam gifts new policy

If you are still Eager! to buy steam gifts with this new policy, the only option is that you can buy it as a gift and send it directly to your friend and it will stick to your friend games library, not their inventory! OH MY GOD, then your question is that what will happen if he/she decline to accept the gift or sth else ?

Then steam rewards you with the new refund feature, it means if your friend decline accepting the gift, then you will receive a refund for the gifted game.

This could be a good/bad news for gamers but definitely it is a bad news for resellers! and also websites providing platform to users to sell steam gifts.


What’s your idea ? Are you happy with the new policy ?

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