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Windows Office Keys Support

NOTICE : Without this feature, you’ll receive regular support but using this feature that is highly suggsted for Microsoft Windows Office Keys Orders ( available for other orders such as gift cards, games and etc too ) , you’ll receive a faster support procedure in case of cd key activation issues. Please take this into consider that this feature is valid only till the cd key is not delivered or/and viewed by customer and it’s not refundable.

Honestly, You may face activation issues while using cheap Microsoft cd keys. In such cases we highly request you to be patient as we need your cooperation to reslove the issue because in general, some of cheap Microsoft cd keys may have different activation issues, so we are here to help and multiple notices proove the subject. In case you select the ” Regular Support ( NO FEE ) ” you need to send us a ticket here  or via ” Order Bot page ( where you receive the cd key from our order bot and the bot asks you to report activation issues if occurred ” ) and provide us requested proofs for futher investigations in order to resolve key activation issues.

[ NEW FEATURE for Pruchase Full Protection ]

Regular support is FREE, customers receive cd keys and activate them directly, so like many other stores, we’ll ask for some requested proofs in case of any activation issue. Unfortunately we face with customers that expect instant solutions without providing requested proofs. It’s clear we can’t help only for a claim while the customer refuse to send us proofs as requested.

The solution is here, Fast VIP support !

So, We’ve recently introduced our new support feature for a faster support procerdure in case of key activation issues ( It doesn’t include if you order a wrong version/region, etc such as cases the customer current windows version is Home, but the order is ” Pro ” version ) while you select this level of support, we don’t send the cd key to you, we’ll activate the cd key via Anydesk app on your device, so if there is a cd key activation issue, we’ll handle it. First we’ll check for steps mentioned on this page and if they are not successful too we’ll issue new replaced cd keys till the cd key is activated or we’ll issue a full refund, using this option you are full protected.


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Read more about Windows Office Keys Support here


Any more questions about how to Buy Windows Office Keys Support ? Please contact us on support chat or send a ticket here



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